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Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2022

Treat yourself to a one of a kind

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Welcome to Our 4th Year of Quilting Fun!

A Quilt to Make

This year’s quilt has a warm country cottage feel with a kitchen and garden theme. It’s a designer quilt you will cherish for years.

A Book A Read

“Around the Kitchen Table” is our new book for 2022. It will warm your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Mystery to Solve

Solve the monthly puzzles to locate where “our quilting friend” is hiding and win fantastic prizes. It’s a year-long mystery to decipher.

Quilting fun

Flash 2022 Quilt Block

12 Months of Quilting Fun

Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt “Club” gives you a year of exciting quilting and ends with a stunning quilt!

You’ll get a new quilt block pattern to sew each month, 14 total block patterns make this beautiful quilt.

  • We provide a complete list of fabric colors and yardage you’ll need to have on hand.
  • Choose your own fabric, make it scrappy, or purchase a quilt kit. There are no rules.
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions with color pictures and 8 tutorial videos.
  • Perfect new quilters and seasoned quilters alike.
  • This stunning quilt finishes at 48″ X 72″
  • Register now and get your fabric requirements so you have time to choose fabrics you love!
  • We started quilting Aug 31st, 2022. Join today it’s easy to catch up!
  • We are featured in the Rebecca Page 2022 Quilting Summit! And we have a class on her website!



Book Cover

Our New Book for 2022!

Our 2022 Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt has a new book to read. Each chapter in the book is tied to the quilt block that you’ll be sewing. You’ll get a new chapter each month along with a recipe!

Around the Kitchen Table” A heartwarming story of life through the generations.”
Family means everything to Beth and her kitchen is the heart of her home. It’s the late 1940’s when Beth sees the red kitchen table for the first time. It’s the new display in the window of a furniture store she passes by every day on her way to work. What is it about that kitchen table?! Read along with us as she learns about her family through the generations and creates her own generations that will follow in her footsteps. Included in the book are 12 recipes for you to try.

All of our previous year’s books are available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and in Paperback versions.

“Finding Me”    “A New Future”    “A Patchwork of Short Stories”



Puzzles to Solve

A Mystery to Solve

Crosswords/ciphers/word-search/riddles/number/trivia/anagrams, if it’s a type of puzzle we have it!

  • 14 puzzles to solve
  • Each puzzle will help lead you to one answer.
  • Where is our “quilting friend” hiding? It’s a worldwide hunt full of twists and turns.
  • Solve the puzzles and you solve the mystery!
  • The first 2 people who guess the correct answer wins a FREE membership for 2023
  • The 3rd person wins FFMQ 2023 at half price.
  • The next 7 will win a signed copy of the book “Around the Kitchen Table”.



Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt Logo

Be sure to check out our low pricing

You simply can’t beat our super low “Quilting Club” pricing!

  • Super low inflation-beating price. 
  • Our “Yearly Membership” registration is open all year long. Start any time!
  • We are so sure you’re going to love us that we allow “Monthly” members to cancel at any time if you’re not 100% satisfied. (Open from July 15 – Sept 8th)
  • Why buy just a quilt pattern when you can get more for your money – Quilt Pattern, Book,  Monthly puzzles!


What Our Members Are Saying about Us…

From Kelly Griffith

The story part has me waiting for more each month and puzzles are fun. The blocks are things I have never done, what a great learning experience with helpful instructions. I have obtained so many new skills. One thing that I didn’t expect though, wow – the amazing people in this group, so encouraging, kind and fun! Recommend to anyone who wants a fantastic learning experience.

From Pam J

This site is user friendly and so dedicated to the quilting world. Great support and so much fun.

From Paula O.

It’s a fun and innovative way to learn new quilting techniques while actually creating a beautiful quilt of your own. The instructions are easy to follow and the customer support is great! The monthly story that accompanies the block-of-the-month is entertaining and provides great inspiration while working on your quilt!

From Lizabeth R

Have loved the friendliness of the FB group, the book that is connected to the quilt and the challenge of the puzzles and riddles. Each month’s block has been so much fun and it’s great that the harder blocks have a simpler version for those just learning to quilt- nice differentiation!

From Jennifer H.

This is an amazing group! Lynda is available almost 24/7 to help answer any questions and assist you; the puzzles and riddles are fun; the story keeps you thinking AND the monthly quilt blocks are great! If the block is challenging, there is always an easier version offered. The FB page for all participants is fun too. So many funny and likable quilters to meet and share ideas. One area of quilters has even organized a monthly gathering where they bring their blocks – discuss the latest chapter – and have fun!!! FFMQ has also partnered with Sew Much Charm to offer beautiful fabric bundles of cottons and batiks, all of the best quilt shop quality! Can’t say enough about FFMQ – you’ll love it.

From: Kathryn Y

I ❤️ love this website ❣️They do what they advertise a great story to read, a fun puzzle to puzzle over, and a quilt block with clear instructions .The Facebook page is lots fun with everyone sharing their stuff. I even found it easy to give as a gift ?! A lot of fun and a great value❣️

From Patricia H

One of the best groups I have been. Everyone is so very helpful.

From: Mary L

Hi, A few months ago Ms Lynda was researching if there were people that would be interested in a Mystery Quilt sewing group, I ask for contact information and here I am today with their group. I’ve had a stroke, but this group is not so fast pace that I can’t keep up…Plus I enjoy Ms Lynda, she responds so quickly to  my text.

From: Debbie S

I love this mystery stories and the quilt blocks . I made my very 1st quilt block.  I was afraid I mess it up bad but great instructions helped me through it.


From: Pam K

I love this group. Lynda is always ready to help with all my crazy problems and believe me I’ve had several. She gets back to you really quick. I love the short story she writes and the puzzle was pretty awesome to. I’ve joined other quilt groups and all you get is a quilt block. You print it of and that’s it. Here Lynda keeps you interested and the story along with the block instructions keeps you interested. The quilt designer did an awesome job of designing a block to fit the story. I can’t wait till the next block, story and puzzle comes out. I have recommended this site to several people. 

From: Lyn E

When I saw the information about a Mystery Quilt I was excited about it because as a fairly new quilter I wanted to do something with different patterns. I belong to a  Mystery Book club, so this seemed just right.
The story was good, intriguing & it was a challenge to cut the diamond shape center for the first block.  I’ve had to make a schedule to work on 2 other quilts,  but it’s been good for me to set a goal…  You have something for everyone.


From Elizabeth L

I just love being part of this sweet group. The stories every month are wonderful, the puzzles are challenging and the quilt blocks actually inspire me to be creative. The block patterns are really well written and have photos too, and each month I get to pick my fabrics and get my imagination working. The customer service is terrific and personalized. You feel like you’re part of a little quilting family. Thanks for such a great club!!

Quilt Block pic

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