Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2021 "Finding Me" Book
Flash 2021 Finding Me Pic

Finding Me – Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2021 Book

By Lynda Smith

Following a horrible skiing accident Justin has lost his memory. All of it. He is on a mission to discover who he was before the accident.

Will he ever figure it out?

Follow all the twists and turns and the mystery that surrounds his accident in “Finding Me”.

Chapter 1

Blackness, with bursts of light that looked like bright white amoeba’s, floating in the darkness giving off flashes of light randomly, was the first memory that he had.  During this time, he heard muffled voices around him, but nothing he could decipher, and there was no sense of time.

The room was quiet and peaceful when Justin opened his eyes for the first time in six months. Overhead was a light, so glaring that he immediately shut his eyes. A few minutes later, he opened them again, this time cautiously, waiting until they adjusted. Where was he? Why was he here? But the most disturbing question of all was who was he? What was his name?

Justin’s eyes darted around the room, then slowly taking in each and every item. This was a hospital. His eyes continued down to his body, frail and emaciated. Somewhere back deep in his subconscious, he knew this wasn’t his body. His body was fit, muscular, and tan. All at once, as full consciousness hit him, he was aware of pain everywhere, even in his pinky finger. The kind of pain like you slept for hours in a bad position only to wake up and have every muscle ache. He tried to lift his hand, but it was too much effort. He rested and then tried again, this time he was able to move it three or four inches. Exhausted, he closed his eyes and fell back into the familiar darkness.

Susan pulled into the parking lot at the long-term care facility. She had worked there since moving to Connecticut to take the job as head nurse. She locked her car and went inside. Little did she know that this day would change her life forever.