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About Us

We are just regular, down-home quilters and we’ll treat you like family. We believe that each and every quilt is a work of love and that their imperfections are what make them original works of art!!

As avid quilters, we both love to design beautiful, original quilt blocks. We thought, why not offer them to all quilters at a reasonable price along with great short stories and a puzzle and Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt was born.

Teresa designs the quilt you will be sewing. Lynda writes the stories for your reading pleasure. She also manages the website and memberships.

We know there are plenty of mystery quilts available, and we truly appreciate you joining us on this exciting journey! It’s going to be so fun!

Teresa Sloop

Quilt Designer and Pattern Maker

Teresa lives in Mooresville, NC with her husband and her 2 dogs Fraizer and Fiona.

Teresa has been quilting for over 20 years.

Lynda Smith

Author, Quilter, and Website Builder

Lynda lives in Burnsville, NC near the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and chihuahua’s Bellarine and Cider.

Lynda has been quilting for 3 years.