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When does the next mystery quilt start?

Early Registration for Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2024  is open now! You can reserve your spot for just $2.50. We will release two filler blocks during this period so you can get a head start!! General Registration begins on July 15th, 2024 and ends on Nov 15th, 2024. Our first main quilt block pattern will be released on August 31st. Then on the last day of each month, you will get a new block pattern, chapter, and puzzle.

Purchasing any of our other quilt patterns is open year-round.

What is the finished size of the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2024

The 2024 Quilt finishes at 58″ x 68″

What skill level is the 2024 mystery quilt?

Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2024 “The Stone” has a skill level of beginner, through seasoned quilters.

Flash 2024 has 4 teaching videos to go with the detailed patterns to help you learn new quilting skills.

If you are a brand-new quilter and have never quilted before this quilt is perfect to learn!

How much fabric will I need?

All the fabric requirements are posted on the website for members and are available to download as soon as you complete registration. 

How do I get my Patterns and Book Chapters?

Watch our YouTube Video Tutorial to show you step-by-step how. Log in to your account using your username and password. Once you log in you will be taken to the welcome page where all of your subscriptions are located. Click on the link for Flash 2023 “Beneath the Mossy Oaks” which will take you to the course where you can access all the patterns and chapters, and download them, for this quilt.  You can also click on “My Account” on the toolbar to access them.

I forgot my username or password. Where can I access that?

Click on the Black Text on the login page that says “Forgot Password” this will allow you to reset it.

When will I get my first block, flash fiction story and puzzle?

This year, we will be releasing two early block patterns, so join as soon as registration opens! We start the main quilt blocks and chapters of the book on Aug 31st, 2024 . Then block patterns, book chapters, and puzzles are released on the last day of each month for the next 12 months at 10:00 pm EST for registered members (as PDFs) to download and print. 

What kind of quilt blocks will there be in the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2024?

Our 2024 quilt, will have 14  quilt block patterns that are all piecing, with full assembly instructions available in PDF format for you to download and keep. 

I am a new quilter. Will there be someone to help me if I have questions?

Yes! We are always available to help you. You can post your question in Flash Fiction Mystery Quilts Facebook Group or email us anytime at:



Our patterns are clear and easy to follow and filled with color pictures. We also have made multiple teaching videos’ that you can follow step by step to help you. All of this is included with your membership. If you need more help, we are happy to call you and help you one on one.

We also offer shorter quilt patterns and past mystery quilt patterns. You can find those by clicking on the “Patterns & Videos” tab on the tool bar.

What are the prizes for solving the mystery?
  • The first 2 people who guess the correct answer win a FREE membership for 2024
  • The 3rd person wins FFMQ 2024 at half price.
  • The next 7 will win a signed copy of the book “Beneath the Mossy Oaks”
Can I give a Flash Quilt Subscription as a gift?

YES! Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Choose the Quilt you wish to purchase.
  • Click Register
  • Create a User name for the person you’re giving it to… Example: Their name
  • Create an easy password for them like (MerryChristmas2021)
  • Use your email address to register/purchase or Flash will send them the receipt. If you’re a registered Flash member, you will need to use another email address. You can easily create one on Yahoo or Gmail or use family members. It just needs to be something different from the one you personally are signed up under.
  • Print the gift card (clicking here will download the pdf for you to print and look in your downloads for the file) or if you don’t have a printer, email the information to me and I will send them a personalized gift card.
  • Email me back with their email address and I will update it in the system once you have given the gift.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions. lynda@flashfictionmysteryquilt.com
Do you have members from countries other than the US?

YES! We currently have members from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada but welcome members from anywhere!

How do I join your Facebook group?

We have an open to the public Facebook Group Called Flash Quilting. Anyone can join it.

We will post a link on our website as soon as registration opens for our 2024 Mystery Quilt. Once you click on it you will be asked three questions. We will match your answers to our registration list and then grant you access! Yay!!

I am having trouble getting registered. Who do I contact and how?

You can reach us by email at info@flashfictionmysteryquilt.com  or by clicking “Contact Us” on the top toolbar as well as via Facebook Messenger just find our business page and send us a message. We will get back in touch with you quickly to answer your questions.

Is your website secure?

Yes, we have the highest security available online. None of your payment information is ever stored on our site, and at no time will we ever sell or give out your email address. All payments are processed through Paypal and Stripe. Both are known worldwide for their high standards. 

What is a “Scrappy” Quilt?

A scrappy quilt is a quilt that is made from small pieces of fabric in many different colors and prints. Sometimes all the fabric coordinates perfectly and sometimes not. It’s all about what you like, have on hand, or found on sale!

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What is your refund policy?

We are positive that you will love Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt, but if you’re concerned that you may not, we suggest that you sign up for the “Monthly Membership”.

“Trial Period Memberships” Offered during Early Registration:  You can cancel anytime before your trial period expires. During this time, the Yearly Trial and Yearly Split payments can also be canceled.

Once billing starts for these memberships we follow …

“Monthly Membership” allows you to cancel at any time and automatic billing will be stopped. No refunds for past payments can be made, and you will lose access to the membership and the Facebook Group. (If you choose to cancel, be sure to download and print any patterns and chapters you wish to keep prior to canceling.) To cancel, follow the instructions in FAQ’s for Canceling a Membership Course. 

“Yearly Split” This membership can only be canceled within the first 29 days following the first split payment, and the second and final payment will be stopped. As with all memberships, no refunds can be offered for past payments. To cancel, follow the instructions in FAQ’s for Canceling a Membership Course.  You will lose access to the course membership. After the second and final payment, this membership becomes a “Yearly Membership” and is not refundable. You will have the full year to access and download all patterns, stories, and puzzles to print and save as they are released.

“Yearly Membership” We are unable to refund the “Yearly Membership”. Once paid for, you will have the full year to access and download all patterns, stories, and puzzles to print and save as they are released.

All Other Patterns We are not able to offer a refund for them because you have immediate access to download and save them.

How do I cancel a Membership to a course?

Only Monthly, Split, and Trial memberships can be canceled. To cancel:

  1. Log in.
  2. Click on “My Account” on the top toolbar.
  3. Click on the “Subscriptions” button.
  4. Find the subscription you wish to cancel and click on the link that says “Cancel.”

You will not be billed again.

Your access to the website course you canceled will be withdrawn, and you will be removed from the private Facebook Group.

Once you cancel, you can always sign up again by logging in and re-registering at the current price.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for previous payments