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When does your next mystery quilt start?

Registration begins for our Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2021 around August 1, 2021, and our first pattern will be released on Sept 30th. This gives you time to download the fabric requirement and choose your fabric.

Registration for Quilts in a Flash – Mini Mystery Series opens at various times during the year. Click on Quilts in a Flash on the top toolbar to see all of our course listings and when they will be released.

Do you have members from countries other than the US?

YES! We currently have members from Australia and Canada but welcome members from anywhere!

Why are you limiting Enrollment for the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt?

We feel like having only 500 members for our 2021 makes us way more personalized than the other large mystery quilt groups, where you can get lost in the crowd. You will truly get to know the other members over the year and develop real friendships. As a small women-owned business,  a smaller membership, means we are able to give each of you personalized attention.

I just found your site and want to join, is it too late?

Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt: We are limiting our 2021 Quilt’s membership to 500 members. If the link to Register Now is still listed you can join!

  • “Monthly” (Monthly Plan Option open again August 2021) or choose
  • “2021 Yearly” Option will be open until we reach 500 members

Quilts in a Flash – Mini Mystery Series: There is no limit to enrollment for any of the courses we offer on Quilt in a Flash.

I have never quilted before. Will there be someone who can help me if I have questions?

Yes! We are always available to help you. You can post your question in Flash Fiction Mystery Quilts Facebook Group or email us anytime at [email protected]

Our patterns are clear and easy to follow and filled with color pictures. We also have made multiple teaching video’s that you can follow step by step to help you. All of this is included with your membership. If you need more help we are happy to call you and help you one on one.

We also offer Quilts in a Flash – Mini Mystery Series is especially geared towards the beginner quilter. It offers short mini-series mystery quilts that last from 5-8 weeks long. There is no book to read or puzzles with a mystery to solve, just basic quilting skills. It’s a great way to learn and find out how fun mystery quilts are.

Where can access my subscriptions?

Log in to your account and look for “Go To My Subscriptions” Click on that. It will take you right to all of your memberships.

What types of quilt blocks/patterns do you have?

For our 2020 quilt, we will have 11  quilt block patterns and 2 sashing patterns. Any of the blocks can be used in making another quilt all by themselves. They are that beautiful. Each was professionally designed by Teresa, one of the co-owners of Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt. She has included a little of every type of quilting. You will get: Piecing Patterns, Applique Patterns, Template Pattern, and  Foundation Paper Piecing Patterns.

How do I join your facebook group? It says it is a Private Group.

Yes, it is a Private Group. As soon as you have completed your registration on the FFMQ website go over to our Facebook Group Page and click on Join. There you will be asked 3 questions. We will match your answers to our registration list and then grant you access! Yay!!

When will I get my block, flash fiction story and puzzle?

All block patterns, story’s and puzzles are released on the last day of each month around 10:00 pm EST for registered members (as PDFs) to download and print.

How much fabric will I need?

All the fabric information and quantities are posted on the website for members. Look for “Fabric Requirements” and click on that. You will be able to download and print it from there.

How big is the Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt?

The 2020 Quilt finishes at 54.5″ x 76′ 

I am having trouble getting registered. Who do I contact and how?

There are 2 ways to reach us the first is by emailing us at [email protected] and the other is via Facebook Messenger just find our business page and send us a message. We will get back in touch with you quickly to answer your questions.

Is your website secure?

Yes we have the highest security avaliable online. None of your information is ever stored on our site and at no time will we ever sell or give out your email adress. All payments are processed through Paypal and Stripe. Both are known world wide for their high standards. 

What is a “Scrappy” Quilt?

A scrappy quilt is a quilt that is made from small pieces of fabric in many different colors and prints. Some times all the fabric coordinates perfectly and sometimes not. It’s all about what you like, have on hand or found on sale!

I forgot my user name or password. Where can I access that?

Click on the link under in page login that says “Forgot PassWord”

I have never done a mystery quilt and I am worried I won’t like it. Do you offer refunds?

We are positive that you will love Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt but if you’re concerned we suggest that you sign up for the “Monthly Membership”. This one allows you to cancel at any time. We are unable to cancel the Yearly membership.

Quilt in a Flash is unable to offer refunds.