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Skills Building Flash 2019

A Patchwork of Short Stories – Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2019 Book

By Lynda Smith

Twelve beautifully written short stories that will warm your heart and make you think. Each story has a different topic including medical drama, romance, historical, bigfoot, ghosts, and many more.

Take a few minutes from your busy day to enjoy reading again!

Haunted – Chapter 1

She floated on a mist from one room to the next, moving through the old stone hotel observing everything that went on there. Elizabeth really didn’t want to be there and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t leave. Oh, she had tried, but every time she got to the door, some invisible force stopped her. Elizabeth didn’t know any of the people she saw. She had tried many times to talk to them, to touch them. She just wanted them to help her leave, but the only responses ever she received was stunned faces and fear in their eyes. The last time she could remember walking down the steps and out the entrance, it was 1949, and she was on her way to shop for a new hat.

            It was April, and the spring flowers were blooming in the coastal town of Cape Charles, Virginia. It was beautiful at that time of year. Elizabeth and her husband had taken a well-earned vacation from the rat race of Washington, DC. The hotel they had chosen was an older two-story stone building that sat on a slight hill overlooking the sea it was beautiful and peaceful. They checked in and got their key to room 214.