Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2022 Book Cover

Around the Kitchen Table – Flash Fiction Mystery Quilt 2022 Book

By Lynda Smith

A heartwarming tale of a family through the generations. Filled with love, history, and even a little heartbreak.

Each chapter also has a recipe for you to try in your own kitchen!

As you know the kitchen is the heart of the home and the kitchen table is where everyone gathers.

Around the Kitchen Table – Chapter 1

Beth walked down the small-town street to her job as a dental assistant just like she did every morning. The little town was quiet as usual on this spring morning in 1949. She passed the furniture store and paused in front of the window. There was a new display and honestly, it took her breath away. “Ok”, she said to herself, “this is silly”, but it was the first time in her life she had ever seen anything like this kitchen table! It was bright red with gleaming chrome edges. The 4 chairs around it matched the glossy red tabletop and they had chrome legs. The sales banner in front of it read, “The Wave of the Future! Formica – Won’t burn or stain. Easy clean up with just a damp cloth!” Beth was twenty-one years old. She dreamed of marrying a handsome man and buying one of those new houses that they were building outside of town. She turned and continued on to work with images of that table in the kitchen of her dream home.

            The war had ended four years ago, and America was in a big growth period. Beth, “Elizabeth”, remembered it all too well. She remembered how her mom struggled bringing up three children alone after her father died when she was very young. She remembered her mother taking in boarders to make ends meet, and then she remembered her older brothers going off to fight in the war. Wondering if they would ever come home. When she was younger, she worked in the school kitchen to help ends meet and during the summer she cropped tobacco in the hot fields of North Carolina. Now she was a dental assistant, not that she had any professional training, but she was good with people and a fast learner. Her mother had remarried and her brothers were home safely, and had both started their own businesses.

            All summer long that year she passed that furniture store and looked at the beautiful kitchen table. It still was in the window. There were more tables in the back of the store, but the one she fell in love with was still there, as if waiting for her to find the perfect man and get married.

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